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How VR will change dating game

Every generation has found ways to use diverse improved technology to shock their parents and it would continue to remain like that. VR should be next on the list. Virtual Reality is rapidly improving, and it’s going to transform the most important areas of life. Soon, most kids are going to have access to machines which have the ability to completely and convincingly take over all their perceptions, providing experiences that are quite unimaginable know this century. Just like VR sex videos seemed impossible some years back. It must be said that the generation gap is going to be large. Every day we hear how new technology is going to disrupt this or that industry. Well, VR is going to disrupt puberty.

  What will that seem like? It’s impossible to know for sure, but we can make some educated forecasts. Today, we’re going to take a plunge in and look at what VR is capable of doing in the next three to five years and why people should worry less about that.

The Social Machine

VR is already developing a notion among individuals as an anti-social technology, and the reason I am quite sure is not far fetched. The image of someone sealed off in their own fantasy world behind VR goggles would definitely hit some psychological buttons. This perspective is obvious, but I think it is quite wrong to say this, though VR might isolate viewers from persons near you, it however brings up the idea of getting social with anybody regardless of the location. In one sense, VR  can be termed as the holy grail of modern communication technology , something which can convince your lizard brain or anybody that it’s in the same room as another person. Ultimately, VR is gradually heading to be the most social technology in human history.

   Imagine someone going on a first date in VR. It’d be a lot like a first date in real life. There would be smiles and laughter. There would be exchange of glances, and both parties wouldn’t know what to do with your hands. Maybe both parties might look a little bit cartoonish, but your partner would feel very real and every gesture and tiny facial expression would be there. Aside from the fact that you might be on the moon, there’d be very little to remind you that you weren’t physically there. All of this could happen without the two of you being anywhere near each other. You could go on a date with someone in France or China. Obviously, this sort of thing would be perfect for couple in long-term relationships. It’s also quite easy to imagine it being folded into dating apps like Tinder, allowing you to quickly meet your matches in a safe, effortless way.