How To Get Women To Respond To You on Tinder?

  Is it hard for you to get a girl to respond to you on Tinder? Or not sure exactly how do it? Perhaps, you get zero responses when you send a text to the app.

Tinder is a cool app that is created to meet people. While it’s super easy to get a match, it’s not easy to get a girl to respond to you. So, we are giving you five proven tips that will give you a higher percentage chance of getting a girl to start talking back to you and then getting her to meet up.

Tip 1: Have a great profile picture.

This is very important because this is mainly what you’re judged off of by a woman you’re interested to meet. So take the time to get a great picture taken. Your first picture should just be you and not with a bunch of other people.


Tip 3: Make an interesting profile.

If you’re going to put any time into Tinder at all, why not put in the effort of actually writing a brief, funny, charming and interesting profile. You may add some things that you love so ladies can see if you have something in common. What you shouldn’t do is don’t preach in your profile because that can be annoying to women.

Tip 4: Have a great opening line.

Do not say “Hey” “Hi” or “How are you” when you write the person. You can’t sound like everybody else. Instead, have some kind of little charming and interesting line, a joke or something to compliment their profile that actually make her become interested in you. Be polite, introduce yourself, compliment their photos and be patient when waiting for a response. If you get a match, keep everything very casual and wait at least a few minutes before you write the person.

Tip 5: Invite the girl for a casual meet up.

If you love going out for a coffee, you can invite her out for a coffee. The great thing about this is that it’s very non-committal unlike if you’re going to invite someone for dinner or something that’s going to take a long time, it’s a lot of a commitment. If this casual meet up goes really well, then you would go do something else. You could go take a walk in a Park or you could just grab a bite to eat at the restaurant that was nearby.

When do you ask a woman for her number?

The best time to get her number is after about 5 to 15 messages back and forth or after you both written each other about 5 to 15 times. You can feel this out based on how the conversation is going. Again, keep it very casual and keep the conversation like you’re inviting them to do something cool.

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