Reasons Why Assholes Attract Some Women

Reasons Why     

It is common knowledge that some individuals tend to get drawn to assholes at some point in their lives. The term “asshole” is a vague word, but according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, asshole is an irritating and despicable person. They can be a person who does things due to self-entitlement, or an individual who suddenly cuts in the line, or that man who broke her heart, or the woman who cheated on his husband.

So, how do assholes attract women? Here are few scientifically-proven reasons on why do women settle for detestable assholes.

  1. Cigarette and Alcohol Syndrome

Although alcohol and tobacco use increase the health risk of an individual, EvelineVincke from Ghent University conducted a study in 2016 which confirmed that young men engaged in cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking tend to attract a short-term sexual mate. She investigated the perception of 239 female participants in smoking and drinking, and she found that women deem men who smoke and drinks to get involved in short-term sexual encounters compared to non-users.

  1. Narcissists Attraction Power

In 2016, Emanuel Jauk and his colleagues conducted research which confirmed that women are more interested in dating men with narcissistic traits. They conducted speed-dating experiment on 46 women and 44 men to assess their Dark Triad traits (Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Machiavellianism), Big Five Personality Traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism), and physical attractiveness. Each participant rated their date partner, and Jauk found that women were more inclined to go out with narcissistic men.



  1. Unlearned Lesson

When women encountered a heartbreak in the past or got out of a toxic relationship after some time, they tend to end up in a new relationship similar to their former commitment. Carrie Haslam and Tamara Montrose from the Hartpury College in England studied the past romantic relationship and future marriage plans of 146 British females aged 18-28. They found that women with several dating experiences are attracted to men with negative traits and viewed these males as a suitable partner.


  1. Sexual Euphoria than Quiet Conversation

There are several types of research in the past, as well as today, which study women and their preferences for a relationship partner. One study that dwelled on the perceptions of women on “genuine guys” was the research of Edward Herold and Robin Milhausen in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. They discovered that women perceived the “good boys” as less sexually active compared to the “naughty boys.” More than 50 percent of the 165 female participants in their research asserted that these nice gentlemen have fewer sexual companions, but more favored on the dating scene. Meanwhile, muscular jerk males are more likely to get women to bed at night.


  1. Change of Heart

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” is a famous rhetoric statement worldwide. Some people believe that these cheaters can improve when the right person comes along. This belief led several women to chase the bad fellows since they assume that they will be the person to change them. However, EmmalleBierly, a family therapist, stated in her interview in Elite Daily that no one is responsible for anyone’s change, except themselves and his or her reasons for resolution.

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